Big question!!!!!!

  • sadly im going back to mexico and i'm sure that Funimation doesn't work there , is there anyway for me to watch funimation over there??? payment isn't the problem

  • I would say use a vpn program on your computer to mask your location and continue to pay for a membership. Its a little frowned upon but as long as you still pay i dont think Funi will care.

    I dont know the specifics of how to do this but use a search engine.

  • ^ As long as you realize that doing so is against the website's terms of services, and if you get caught doing it, you risk having your membership banned.

    So we cannot officially recommend that you do so, and if you decide to, you do so at your own risk.

  • Whoops. Guess "frowned upon" doesn't quite cover it.

  • damn its really hard to leave and not be able to continue watching all my favorite animes i know i can watch em on another pages but it isnt the same thing

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