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  • Takato Matsuki is rather shy, but an ordinary schoolboy in fifth grade. Now he's crazy about "Digimon”. What he enjoys most is to play Digi-Battle card game with his friends or to sketch his own Digimon secretly in class. He’s the kind who could be anywhere. He is one of Digimon freaks, until one day he happens to gain a mysterious item, that changes his life. The strange blue card he’s never seen before turns out to be Blue Card. The moment his Card Reader reads data of Blue Card, the door to adventure opens in front of Takato. And then he encounters his fatal partner Guilmon. Now the new story begins.

    (description courtesy of Funimation)


  • By far the BEST season of Digimon. Still needa hunt down the DVD release

  • I just noticed after making this thread that all of the subtitled videos have been taken down. So…I guess that'll limit discussion just a bit. -_-V

    Hope the show gets put back up, maybe even with some improvements. Going by Netflix's showing of Adventure and 02, better subtitles would be too much to hope for, but they could at least fix the minor synching issues.

  • Weird, I do hope they come back up. :/ I know Digimon isn't really a FUNi title, nor does it get much attention here, but I still like being able to talk about it here since it's one of my favorite titles.

    I'm also still hoping against hope that New Video will be awesome and put out some subtitled DVD boxsets in the future. I'd imagine we're more likely to see a set for the dubbed movies first though.

    On topic of Tamers itself, I used to be rubbed wrong by the card concept, but once I actually sat down and watched all of it, I loved this show (and the cards don't even last that long really). Guilmon is absolutely adorable, but Terriermon steals the show for me. Momentai! ;)

  • Why is Digimon Tamers the best in the series?

  • Tamers was my favorite, then Frontier and now I can't chose.

  • I liked tamers because it was something more then simply "THERES A BAD DIGIMON!! AGUMON DIGIVOLVE!!!!" It had a lot of the same things we love from the other seasons and at the same time had a bit of strategy to the series. Plus it was where they got the idea to combine human and digimon together for the ultimate forms. Like Mega-gargomon, Galletmon, etc. But soon after, Frontier came out and went friggin crazy with it. now i LOVE digimon more every anime except dragon ball z but i will say. In order for the fans to like it and enjoy it, they need to put the episodes here for fans to watch. I dont want the new generation of kids to see digimon "fusion"/ xros wars and think this its the best one before seeing them all. I will say this though. Every digimon series was great in its own way. However, Xros Wars was great but it just didnt feel like digimon anymore. It felt like i was watching a digimon/gundam/Dynasty Warriors anime.

  • Late news, but Netflix now has Digimon Tamers, both Japanese and English.

    And glory of glories, pretty much everything wrong with the show's last stream has been fixed–the subtitles are intelligible, the blanks spots are filled in, and the audio's back in synch. There's still some dub terms, which is a little annoying, but c'est la vie.

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