Coming Back To ANime!!!

  • Hello… Big time anime fan, but took a decade hiatus... Have a small collection I collected around that time which included Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Berserk, Escaflowne, Evangelion, Those Who Hunt Elves, s-CRY-ed and a few others. Anyways, I recently jumped head first earlier this May and been tackling a bunch of anime. Using Crunchy and FUN and so far in the last month I finished Attack On Titan, Haibane-Renmei, Death Parade, Desert Punk & Corpse Princess... Really enjoy high action animes but open to everything. Currently going though Cowboy Bebop (rewatch), Kill La Kill & Ninja Slayer, and if there's any good animes I NEED to check out let me know Im basically picking a show and going head first...

    Thx in advance.

  • Welcome to the forums. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

    As far as "must watch" anime series, the one to watch for the current season is Blood Blockade Battlefront. I'd also highly recommend Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Garo, Yatterman Night, and Space Dandy.

  • Welcome to the forums. A few recos I can ive you would be from here Seraph of the End, Black Cat, Fairy Tail and Chrome Shelled Regios and since your alos on Crunchy a couple there I would check out would be World Trigger, Is it Wrong to pick up Girls in a Dungeon (despite the title its not like what it would seem), My Teen Romatic Comedy Snafu, Aldnoah.Zero and a personal fav of mine, Asura Cryin'.
    Anywho… enjoy posting, hope you enjoy watching some of these.

  • Awesome replies and thanks for the welcoming… I'll be queuing all the recommendations but I must sayn= Kill la Kill is nuts... Didnt expect all the fan service, but besides that great fun.

  • ^ Once you finish Kill la Kill, be sure to follow that up with Gurren Lagann if you haven't already.

  • Welcome to the forums; hope that you post a lot around here.

    Here are some of my recommendations: Shingu: Secret of the Stellar War, Heroic Age, Bamboo Blade, Samurai 7, School Rumble and Summer Wars.

    If you are interested, don't forget to check out the link in my sig about requesting the FUNimation Channel.

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