Sudden Censorship

  • I started watching a Anise that is TV MA on my PS4. It's been surprisingly good. Then half way though the show suddenly get censored. Why? It's really annoying to me. It's making me wonder if other show I like will get censored all of a sudden and then I'd have to cancel my subscription because I really hate censorship. Any information would help. Thanks.

  • I feel like knowing what show exactly you're watching would explain everything, but in order to be fully sure we need to know just WHAT show it is you're referring to.

  • I am just guessing here since you didn't name the anime. The first season is likely released on DVD and is uncensored, while the second season has not been released on DVD and is the censored version that they get for simulcasts. When they get DVD rights they will get an uncensored version and then the stream on the site will be updated to uncensored, shortly before the DVD release. I hope that helps you.

  • More than likely sk4life is correct, but it would definitely help to know what show you're watching.

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