Combo Pack Digital Version Question

  • I have a couple questions about combo packs. I see here, and plenty of other places, I can purchase shows as a dvd or blu ray/dvd combo. My question is:

    Why is there no digital version bundled?

    Currently, I take the blu ray version and take the anime off that and create a digital version to view during my anime/lunch break. As it currently takes me about a day to do that with a decent size season, I'd be willing to pay a dollar or so extra to avoid the hassle. Even making it a funimation exclusive edition would be nice. I also wonder how popular the dvd version included in the combo is. Personally, I never use it, especially since I have about 4 devices that can play blu rays. Out right removing the dvd version in the blu ray/dvd combo seems like it would be enough to offset a digital version that we can download from the site (not sure about costs for ultraviolet and third party sites).

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