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  • Three years have passed since Taichi, Takeru and Hikari’s original adventure, but a new threat arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld - the Digimon Emperor intent on enslaving the Digimon for his own purposes. Two of the original DigiDestined, Hikari and Takeru, return joined by three newcomers: Daisuke, Miyako and lori. Together they go to the DigiWorld and with their Digimon partners Gatomon, Patamon, Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon fight the new menace to save the DigiWorld they love.

    (description courtesy of Funimation)


  • I still have a soft spot for this series, even if it's easily the weakest entry in the Digimon franchise. Er, well, with exception of Xros Wars perhaps. Honestly, I look at this season in kind of the same way I do Dragon Ball GT - it has a lot of great ideas, but very few of them are handled well. Most of them are fumbled pretty badly actually. But it's still well worth watching if you're a fan.

    I still need to pick up the other season sets too. I've only gotten the Season One box. ^_^;

  • I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that Fox Kids really ruined the Digimon movie. They took so much good content and trashed it to create this meglamesh that was incorrect and handled poorly. The lone redeeming quality of the movie was the music. I to this day don't see why Wallace needed his name changed to Willis when a lot of Americans are named Wallace.

    Now on to what I do not understand. When did Funimation get the rights to Digimon Adventure 02?

  • @giruveganlorienrex:

    When did Funimation get the rights to Digimon Adventure 02?

    They only have the streaming rights and they got them 5 years ago, along with other Toei shoows.

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