Why is episode 20 only in SD

  • I don't know because I don't usually watch stuff as soon as it's available but is it just that the SD comes up frist then 720p then 1080p because thats stupid is funimation trying to tell me that they don't have a semi decent rendering rig or 2 god a 5960X can render a 25 minute 1080p video in like 5 - 7 minutes and a E5-2699 v3 can do it in like 2 - 5 minutes, admittedly the 5960X is $1000 and the E5-2699 is $4500 but come on funimation its a small price to pay for commercial application, and its not like your youtube who has to deal with 1000's of videos a second and obviously has to have a queue to render all of that your releasing on a good day 2 - 3 hours of video a day…

  • So, this is what I hear you saying: episode 20 is only in SD, the lowest quality, and there seems to be no plausible explanation you can figure out for this. Did you contact "Support"? It's interesting that 720p seems to load faster than the SP last time I tried it on a different episode…
    Anyway, it seems to be available in all three renderings, now.

  • @dipinmilk:

    episode 20

    : Anyone notice the Rurouni Kenshin reference??? "I'll allow no killing, that I won't," with a red x shaped scar on Korosensei's face ;)

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