Sorry Funimation. :(

  • Sorry Funimation,

    I tried you streaming service. It just isn't for me. Im in my thirties and have be watching anime since the late 80's. I want anime like Ninja Scroll and Ghost in the Shell. The streaming service doesn't have anything for me that I can't get from Netflix or Toonami. I hope you will consider working on less bubble gum anime in the future and include more adult content.

    Below is a list of my favorite anime:
    1. Ninja Scroll
    2. Ghost in the Shell
    3. Dragon Ball Z
    4. A wind named amnesia
    5. Angel's Egg
    6. Crying Freeman
    7. Roujin Z
    8. Robot Carnival
    9. Robotech
    10. I think you get the idea.

    And the more gratuitous bubblegum anime
    1. High School of the Dead
    2. High School DXD
    3. Rosario Vampire
    4. FLCL

    In my opinion Anime is something that should make one's conscience hurt. Its a format derived to avoid censorship and budgets of live action film.
    The streaming service just doesn't have a whole lot to offer. Thanks for offering me the 14day free service.

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