Hello! My idea for a new Anime, - Infinity War - and i need your help!

  • Hello there! Before i start i quickly want to say, i know FUNimation is not responsible for creating anime only for dubbing it and so i will ask you all for one favor before i even try to contact some company who makes anime! (Preferably i want to contact the creators of something like Fairytail or high-school DXD For it if i can get your support!) So here i will begin my Proposition!

    My idea is an anime called - Infinite War - And it will be about a war verses Angles, Dragons and Demons, where the thought to be extinct race comes from hiding the Guardians when the main character (I have yet to think of a name and thought it'd be best if i got your guys suggestions!) emerges due to him being attacked at late by an Angle because he is mistaken for a Demon! so a group of Demons take him in and because at this point the main character will be rather young they don't think it would be wise to let him roam the streets and putting him in danger and so they raise him, completely unaware of his three major powers, i will only spoil the first major power, (Its pretty obvious by now!) The power of the Golden Guardian which allows him to use extremely powerful Golden Guardian magic which can take the form of anything!

    Thats not all i have at the minute but i want to hear your guys opinion before writing more so i can change and adapt all my idea's!

    Also please consider, i can't do this on my own due to my age and how young i am so i would extremely appreciate any help anyone can provide me!

    Hope you can support me and give me idea's! If this does well expect some concept art of my image of The main Character and more adaptations to the story! See you hopefully soon! Archie!!!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum.


  • welcome to the forums. The creators of the shows your looking for are all in japan. SO outside of FB and Twitter accounts to make general communications not many other ways you can get into contact with them.

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