All this talk of new voice actors and such…

  • I just wanted to start a thread here with some common sense. The changes had to happen, folks. That much has been made clear. Now, after knowing that (and wishing Scott Freeman the best- he was a favorite and will be missed), lets look at how the new cast is doing. I mean really look.

    I have absolutely no complaints about the changes. Josh is and has been amazing, with just as many excellent quips and humorous leching as we have come to expect from the character. Akeno is slightly more muted than her previous counterpart, but characters develop and that could happen pretty easily.

    Yes, it's not the same. No, it's not bad. Yes, I like the changes.

    Thanks, Funimation, for finding good replacements.

  • I thought Kelly Angel as Akeno was a little rough in the 1st epsiode (felt a little forced), HOWEVER, as we've gotten deeper into the dubs, I think she has really started to come into her own.

    Personally, I think Josh Grelle as Issei is fantastic, although sometimes I cant help but feel like I'm hearing Shido from Date A Live or Kazuya from Freezing pretending to be Issei.

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