Date a live 2,maken-ki 2 PLEASE DUB

  • funimation you should dub all the 2 season of the series that you have licence and so on. you should also get rid of the subs and just stick with dubs ,i hope you know you can watch a ton of the subs on crunchyroll for free. the only reason why i subscribed to your company is for dubs so please do all the shows and movies in dubs.

  • Yeah, except Crunchyoll doesn't have most of the shows that funimation does. they only share a handful, so that suggestion really doesn't work. and then there is also the fact that there are folks who don't care for dubs and prefer to watch in Japanese with subs. didn't think this through very well, did you?

  • Date A Live II has already been confirmed to be receiving a dub, and Maken Ki Too is also very likely to get one as well.

    Also, I'm with Getch; you can't just do away with subs completely. You'll be turning down a very large portion of the fanbase who prefer to watch the shows in the original Japanese. And that's a LOOOOTTTTA money that FUNimation would be losing out on right there.

  • I only watch Date A Live subbed so them doing that would have effected me buying it. You shouldnt expect funimation to force its customers to buy dub only stuff by saying that they can watch it on CR. The series' that are on there for the most part are broadcasts which are not true HD and edited.

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