Heroic Legend of Arslan Locks Up

  • Starting today, this show has been stopping after watching between 10 and 30 seconds. When I reload the page, it always starts at 3:00. It is loading the show fine as the grey 'loading' bar is at least a minute or so ahead of the player. I tried jumping farther ahead to see if maybe there was an error in the streamed file, but it still stops and reloads back to 3:00. I tried a different show (Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan) and it worked fine. As I started in Chrome, I tried switching to Firefox and had the same issue: Started at 3:00 and lasted about 15 seconds then went back to 3:00 on reload. However the screen just locks up rather than going blank. Same with Internet Explorer.

  • Be sure to send a ticket to www.funimation.com/support to let the admins know about this issue.

  • Been getting the same problem. Show keeps stopping, with no play button or anything to continue. Usually takes about 10 seconds to a minutes for this to happens.

  • same thing here its happened to me on various shows and still no clue how to fix it

  • Arslan is doing the same for me, too.

    This appears to be a video player issue that can hopefully be fixed soon!

  • Can all of you please submit tickets if you haven't already about this issue? Please let us know exactly the stream you were watching– episode number, SUB/DUB if applicable and quality. http://www.funimation.com/support

    We'll need to respond to this particular issue individually.


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