2015 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 1: Group 25

  • Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
    Oji "Gabriel" Tanaka (The Legend of Black Heaven)
    Shinjuro Yuki (UN-GO)
    Jacuzzi Splot (Baccano!)

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  • Poll vote to Kenshin, extra to Jacuzzi.

  • @Heavenspiercing:

    Poll vote to Kenshin, extra to the dude with the worst name ever.


    Be careful if you choose to be "clever" with your nickname. Some of these I simply DO NOT GET.

    So if you're not SPECIFIC, don't blame me if you guy loses. >:\

  • Poll vote to Kenshin, extra vote to Jacuzzi

  • Oji was saving the world with heavy metal LONG before Eddie Riggs.

    And he had John Sykes of Whitesnake fame to help him do it, too.

  • Poll vote goes to Kenshin, extra vote goes to Oji.

  • @SpacemanHardy:


    Be careful if you choose to be "clever" with your nickname. Some of these I simply DO NOT GET.

    So if you're not SPECIFIC, don't blame me if you guy loses. >:\

    I would assume that by stupidest name ever he's referring to Jacuzzi Splot, but I do feel he should clarify that himself.

    SPEAKING OF WHICH…..perfect transition.

    So for the previous two tournaments, I had not seen Baccano so obviously being unfamiliar with the show I didn't support its candidates, particularly the heavy hitters like Ladd Russo, Nice and Chane. But before the nomination period for this tournament....I can say I have now watched Baccano and I got to say.....Jacuzzi Splot is the ultimate manliest man that you would never expect to be a manly man.

    The perfect don't judge a book by its cover.

    Also....SPOILERS obviously so beware.

    I have 3 key moments to elaborate just how Jacuzzi Splot is definitely deserving to be in this tournament so let's begin with discussing his initial appearance.

    When Jacuzzi is first established, he's basically the biggest crybaby this side of Shinji Ikari. He's super paranoid of other people and fears the worst case scenario always. A seemingly timid kid in the business of bootlegging alcohol. One wonders why he always cries and if he's truly strong but then they reveal that earlier on, eight of Jacuzzi's comrades were murdered by the Russo family in Chicago. Enraged by their deaths, Jacuzzi went on a rampage with a Tommy Gun and ransacked 18 different bars and establishments owned by the Russos by himself, doing what would ultimately have taken most people weeks to pull off in a single night.

    Second is when he realizes that two different groups of people are trying to harm and kill the passengers on the train for reasons he doesn't quite understand alongside the possibility of The Rail Tracer offing people left and right. Jacuzzi is beyond terrified and frightened but it is in this moment that he stops crying and quaking in his shoes and mans up, takes his guy to try and fight against the opposing factions and save all the passengers on the train, putting himself on the front lines to stop these people, all the while spewing some awesome and maybe corny lines that would've be out of place in a Shounen action series or Superhero series and fights back, even doing such crazy things as CHARGING A GUY WITH A FREAKING FLAMETHROWER UNARMED. He's one tough guy when he wants to be, and even manages to snag a smooch from his girlfriend Nice Holystone (their first kiss too) in the heat of the moment to save everyone.

    SPEAKING OF NICE, that gets to my FINAL point that while not very action based, truly cements why I think Jacuzzi is a better man than most of us ever will be.


    Basically even when they were kids they were also close childhood friends/crushes before they became a bootlegging power couple. Nice is a bit of a bomb/explosives freak and one day when young, she lights one of the explosives she's setting up, scarring her and taking out one of her eyeballs. Upon hearing what happened to Nice, Jacuzzi immediately went and got a sword tattoo on the left side of his face to compliment Nice's scarred right side, feeling that she would feel less lonely and recognize that he was there for her. He had no regrets, and he didn't hestitate when he made the decision to get a giant tattoo on his face, for his girlfriend, to make her feel better and not feel alone, for something that really probably would make most people cry a WHOLE LOT. Jacuzzi Splot's selfless idea of romance is something most people could ever DREAM of. He even tells her that day these words of wisdom:

    "I've decided… I'm just going to cry whenever I feel like crying. I'm going to let myself cry as much as I want now to get it out of the way. That way when I face something really tough, all of my tears would have dried up long ago."

    And that....perfectly encompasses what is great about Jacuzzi Splot. The Teenage Bootlegger with a Gun for a Heart.

    Double Vote for Jacuzzi.

  • voting Jacuzzi

  • Double vote for Oji

  • @classyspartan Cool short story bro, but Kenshin gets my extra vote. Normally if there's a match full of characters I'm unfamiliar with or don't feel too strongly about, I'll side with somebody who has a great argument.

    Kenshin, however, is a childhood favorite of mine.

  • Voting Oji.

  • Both votes to Jacuzzi.

  • Giving both votes to Jacuzzi Splot.

  • voting for Jazzy

    headcanon nickname

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