Few Questions

  • 1. Will I miss out on some anime is I go subs only or is all the streaming anime here at least subtitled?

    There's alot of anime here that isn't on crunchyroll so I'm thinking of subscribing.

    2. How is the service?
    3. Does the PS4 app work well?

    4. Is there any information on if Funimation will be bringing Dragonball Super to North America (Canada specifically) in any way?…lol I'd prefer subbed simulcasts.

    5. Am I really the only one that loved Dragonball GT???

    Whats the difference between Dragon Ball Z and Dragonball Kai??

  • 1. Shin-Chan's the only dubbed-only I can think of right off.
    2. Good enough, but getting better gradually.
    4. No.
    5. Doubt it, but at least you'll admit to it. ~_^

    1. Less filler.

  • Thanks for the answer. :)

  • Hmmm the check out page is showing as only partially encrypted. Not sure If i want my card entered in a partially encrypted webpage.

  • The encryption on the checkout page is secure. There are "unsecure elements" on the page because there are graphics and other things on the page. However, we DO recommend that your funimation.com password and username be different from your password and username elsewhere. We also definitely don't want you to sign up if you feel like there's a security concern!

    You can also use PayPal if you have security concerns, though any changes made to your subscription using PayPal are usually a little more difficult.

  • Questions:
    1. Will we be seeing Uub later on in Dragon Ball Super.

    2.Was Dragon Ball GT an unnecessary plot in the Dragon Ball series cause a would like to see Super Saiyan 4 again.

  • With DB Super and the new movies out now being confirmed as canon, it's pretty much been accepted by the fandom at large that GT never actually happened.

  • @K.P.Lancer:

    1. Will we be seeing Uub later on in Dragon Ball Super.

    Uub himself is canon. He was introduced in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Z. However at the point where they meet Uub, it's about 10 years in the future, where Goten and Trunks are teenagers then and where Bulma and Vegeta have another kid in Bra. Whether he shows up in DB Super is unlikely simply because where the timeline exists, the kids are still relatively young still.

  • Thanks for clearing my head guys

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