Any news on upcoming products?

  • I'm currently praying for a Goddess Edition of KK S2.

    Please make it happen, Funimation!

  • I'm sure they'll do a standard LE for season 2, but I'm not so sure they'll do another Goddess Edition. From what I understand, the first one didn't sell as well as they hoped. :hmm:

  • SpacemanHardy, We ('kid' & I) hear ya' & think we know why the 1st boxed set didn't sell so well. Though, the voice talent was INCREDIBLE, they changed the plot & watered down the humor, A LOT! (NOT SPOILING;) there was a line from the 1st episode that was CRUCIAL to the ending. It was removed altogether! Nothing to do with lip movement, so WHY? Ms. Suzuki thought it seemed cultural & I think so. Mizuki's Goddess referred to him as 'the best Familiar in Japan', was changed from …'Japan' to …'the World'. CRAZY. I thought part of the CHARM was learning & being inside Japanese culture! I resent it when translators take us for idiots!

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