Series Collection Packaging Sold Seperately

  • May I suggest that your Series Collection "packaging" be made available for purchase for those who purchase the first release singles or box sets. For example One Piece, I have purchased all 32 - 2 disc releases since the start, and would love to consolidate that down to the current 13 collections boxes, but do not want to re-purchase the collections for the just the box artwork. Media Blasters once released nice cardboard box sets of Rurouni Kenshin after the they completed the single disc releases. They made available to purchase the nice cardboard boxes for a few bucks to those that purchased the single disc releases and it was awesome. If Funimation would consider doing this for their long running series, or any series that you re-release as bigger collections sets, i.e. One Piece, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc… I would love to get the new box artwork, as well as consolidated and save some shelf space.

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