To short

  • I understand pushing the envelop for attention deficit. I understand the desire to keep epsiodes to a shorter length to appeal to a segment who maybe can't sit and watch a 22-50 minute episode.

    But 2 minutes 6 seconds, with almost a quarter of it being taken for song intro is far to much I think. Not only that, but at least another 15-30 seconds is taken to rehash 'last episode'

    Why bother? If your stringing them together in 2 minute (sorry 1 minute) episodes, leave out the unnecessary intro music.

    Could have been done much better I think.

  • FUNimation has no control over the production of Rainy Cocoa.

  • @joe-funi:

    FUNimation has no control over the production of Rainy Cocoa.

    I don't think he was implying that they did, but rather I think he was just speaking of his dislike of the brevity of the episodes.

    To which I agree. The show simply IS too short. The moment anything starts to actually happen, the episode's already over.

    This was probably the single most pointless, unnecessary show I've ever watched. Not once did it display any sort of story nor did I form any kind of attachment to the characters. The 2-minute (really only 1:30 if you take out the intro) running time just absolutely kills it for me.

    I know a second season has already been greenlit, but if they're planning on sticking with the 2 minute format, I don't see it being an improvement in the least.

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