Mirai Nikki home release?

  • I've been looking around and was just wondering if anyone else is still hoping for a home DVD/Bluray release of Mirai Nikki, or if funimation have any plans for it or anything

  • it was released on DVD a couple year sago. they are finally being allowed to release it on bluray Aug 18th

  • It was released on DVD a couple of years ago and the BD is up for pre-order (set for release mid-August). Look for it under the English name "The Future Diary". Unless you're asking for a combo pack, which doesn't appear to be happening right now.

  • WOW THANKS for some reason it didn't occur to me to put in its' english name, silly me :D. But wow that's really made my day I'm gonna be getting this pretty much as soon as it comes out, seriously thanks!

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