I know little to next to nothing about making cosplay.

  • I would love for someone to post a how to make cosplay here.

  • Okay, I know a little, I a bit of a noob. But I'll try! Kay? So…First you need to find people who are coseplayers too, though you don't need to. You can go to plenty of sites to get wigs, clothing, and makeup or you can just find clothing in your closet to look like them. You'll need to find something you want to do or go to to act like your character. You'll also need your character you want to be. I tend to be people like Ed from FMA, Spain from Hetalia, and such.

  • Hmm…

    It depends on if you're making your own cosplay, or ordering it online.

    There are sites like Etsy, EZCosplay, or eBay that sell pre-made costumes by various sellers.

    eBay also has plenty of good quality wigs if you pay enough attention to the companies selling them - a lot of them often ship from China, and usually cosplay $20-30. Also 5 Wits or Arda Wigs have good selections, and they ship from within the USA.

    Most pre-made cosplay is gonna run you no less than $90, and normally $130+ if it's made well enough.

    Unless you sew your own, or find pieces of what you need at thrift stores, it can be sorta pricey.

  • Depends on what character you want to cosplay as. Post the character and I'm sure people here can give suggestions on how to make the pieces.

    Here's my latest WIP: I'm working on Edea's Freelancer gear from Bravely Default. I have most of the top done. I'm about to start on the collar. I've already made the pattern (the yellow paper), so now it's time to cut out fabric, sew it, and attach it to the rest of the tunic. i'm thinking of doing either hidden snaps or hidden buttons for that since the collar needs to be able to go over my head and attach where it meets the red tunic. It can't attach to the black shirt since I'd like to keep it as something to wear separately.

  • Not gonna lie, never cosplayed, closest thing I do is wear character themed hoodies from Hot Topic. XD. I would love an Org XIII cloak someday though, been workin on my Saix & Xemnas impressions. XD

  • I've done both Luxord and Marluxia before. The coat looks awesome, but it's mostly too hot for me in Texas. :( I need to fix it up, too– it's from back before you could really see what the coats even looked like, and I've noticed inaccuracies aplenty now that everything is much higher quality graphics. >_>

    Didn't someone make an Org XIII hoodie at one point? You could combine the two! :D

  • I saw Org XIII hoodies at a convention, but I wasn't sure how official they were since that was all that was for sale at that booth. :hmm: Hopefully, there are legit ones by now.

  • They're for sale at Hot Topic it looks like. I'd say there's a pretty good chance they're official.

    I've never seen them ANYWHERE where they weren't immediately sold out, though. I don't actually even know if they make them anymore.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I've been cosplaying for almost 9 years and I've been making all my stuff :D I also do progress blogs as well (:

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