Favorite Anime Characters and their Roles

  • I would like you guys to start voicing your opinions on who your favorite characters in anime are and the roles they played in their respective stories. It's a forum I liked from the old version of this website that I was hoping to salvage.

  • From a story perspective, the only character that really tugs at my strings is Homura (and maybe Nagato, but it's mostly focused in the Disappearance arc). To a slightly lesser extent: Saber and Holo - perhaps two of the strongest female characters in anime with tragic backstories. And I certainly can't forget Kenshin, and his path to atonement.

    All my other favorites are either girls I just love to death (ARIA), am obsessed with (Monogatari) , or both (Strike Witches).

    I still have a lot to watch if I wanna expand on that.

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