Bryce papenbrook animes

  • I watched most of the animes he's done like SOA ,blue exorcist ,attack on Titan ,blood lad etc. any more I should watch?

  • He's in Durarara, reprized his role in Danganronpa, which funi should be releasing soon. they are terrible shows and I don't suggest watching them, but he's the lead in Green Green, Eiken and Ah my Buddha and a secondary character in Kanokon. He's got a secondary role in funi's upcoming release of Soul Eater Not and a main character in NISA's upcoming release of A Lull in the Sea. I think he was also in Vampire Knight

  • Getchman is correct. Papenbrook was in Vampire Knight. I didn't really care for most of the acting in that one, though. Papenbrook and Mignona and whoever voiced the headmaster were the only actors who didn't suck.

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