• Recently there has been a massive influx of questions, comments, and complaints regarding the recent simulcast and broadcast dub of High School DxD HERO. This has resulted in a number of threads being created over and over again about the exact same few topics, which have cluttered up the board and generally caused a big mess of things. So in an attempt to answer everyone's question and settle things down once and for all, here is a handy FAQ which will address some of the topics most frequently brought to attention.

    To all newcomers to this forum, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING. If your question is answered here, then there is no need to create a new thread about the subject. Any and all redundant threads regarding topics answered in this FAQ will be locked without notice. If you have a question that is not already answered in this topic, or if you just want to discuss the series itself, then that will be fine.

    1. Is there a fourth season of High School DxD? - Yes. The new season is called High School DxD HERO. It began airing on April 10th in Japan.

    2. Will FUNimation simulcast High School DxD HERO? - Yes and no. Due to their partnership with Crunchyroll, the subtitled episodes will air on that site, while FUNimation will air the English dubbed episodes. Crunchyroll uploads a new episode of the show once a week every Tuesday at 10:30 AM CST.

    3. Why are the episodes censored? - During the simulcast, FUNimation and Crunchyroll only have access to the censored broadcast TV masters given to them by Japan. Contrary to popular belief, FUNimation and Crunchyroll DO NOT censor the show themselves; they can only use what the Japanese producers offer them in the meantime. They will eventually get the uncensored masters once it gets closer to the home video release, however, and around that time the streaming footage will be updated with the uncensored footage. Note that for free subscribers, ONLY the censored footage is available; you have to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to see the uncensored episodes.

    4. I've heard that the channel AT-X in Japan already has access to the uncensored footage. Why couldn't FUNi get it from them? - AT-X is a premium cable network in Japan, similar to HBO or Showtime here in America, only even more expensive. As a result, AT-X has temporary exclusive rights to the uncensored masters for the time being. It wouldn't be fair for Japanese television subscribers to pay a high price per month for AT-X when we get the exact same footage they do, at the exact same time they do, for only $8 a month. So FUNimation's options are to either use the censored masters or to not do a simulcast at all.

    5. Is High School DxD HERO part of FUNimation's simuldub campaign? - Yes, DxD HERO is indeed getting a simuldub. The first dubbed episode premieres on May 1st at 4:00pm ET, and new episodes will be uploaded weekly every Tuesday.

    6. Is it true some of the voice actors got replaced? - Yes. In the main cast, both Scott Freeman as Issei and Teri Rogers as Akeno were replaced by Josh Grelle and Kelly Angel respectively.

    7. Why were they replaced? Is it because they weren't available in time for the simuldub? - No, it is not an issue of whether they were available for the simuldub or not. Both actors chose to decline the offer to reprise their roles. In Scott Freeman's case, FUNimation cut ties with him due to legal reasons, and he is now serving jail time over matters I do not wish to comment on here. Teri's reasons for declining her role are currently unknown, but it is believed to be a rather personal matter. It had absolutely nothing to do with the simuldub's timing or schedule, and no amount of waiting would've made any difference in them being able to reprise their roles. The actors would've had to have been replaced regardless.

    8. But it's just not the same without Scott and Teri!! Can I start a petition to convince them to come back? - While we can't stop you, we would first just like to inform you that anime petitions DO NOT WORK, have never worked, and more than likely never will work. With Scott, it is literally impossible for him to return. As for Teri, she has made her own choice in this matter, and she will be sticking with her decision no matter what, and no petition is ever going to change that. So with that in mind, please be respectful of Teri's decision and wish her the best in her future endeavors. In the mean time, let's try to give Josh and Kelly a chance as they give us their own spin on Issei and Akeno.

    That having been said, if you feel like you absolutely, positively HAVE to start a petition, you may post it only in the designated Petitions & Promotions section. Any attempt to post them anywhere else on the forums will be deleted instantly and without question.

    9. I can't watch this censored, I have to have my BOOBS!! When is the home video release due out? - There has been no official statement at this time of the home video version's release. Usually it takes somewhere between 12 to 16 months after the simulcast finishes before the home video release is announced. For other series, it can take longer than that, depending on several different factors such as getting materials from Japan on time, reverse importation fears, box art and promotional art approvals, etc. etc. All I can tell you is be patient, grasshopper.

    10. Will there be a fifth season? - You're really putting the cart before the horse, huh? But no, there is no news at this time of a fifth season of High School DxD. Given the series' popularity worldwide, it certainly is possible that a fifth season will be made, but at this time it is far too early to even consider. Let's let give it a little time, okay? ~_^

    11. If they don't announce a fifth season, is it okay to ask FUNimation to make another se-

    NOOOOOO. Read this: http://www.funimation.com/forum/showthread.php?4539-Do-NOT-Request-Future-Seasons-of-Anime-%28New-Forum-Members-Please-Read%29

    12. I'm sorry, but all this censorship and different voice actors just ruins the show for me. - Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but please be assured it was not FUNimation's intent to offend you. They can only play the cards they're dealt, and if you find yourself simply unable to enjoy the show due to the necessary changes that FUNi had to make because of time and unforeseen occurrences that were completely out of their control, then so be it. Personally, I think FUNi did the best they could given the current situation, and even though it's not ideal, it's not the end of the world. It is what it is, and I think FUNi has made some pretty darn good lemonade out of the lemons they were given. But if you just don't like it, well… that's that. Hopefully you can find something else among the OVER 9000!! other episodes of anime here on FUNimation.com that you can enjoy. :)

    Now that that's all out of the way, you may resume posting. Thank you all for your time.

  • funny and informative, well done.

  • While I like it, I guess I can't make a thread mocking all of the ever persistant questions. I was actually approaching the point of just messing with the people to see how far I can go with it.

  • Man and there I was. Got all comfy and ready to watch one of my favorite booby shows, but they only have the censored version. Oh well. Guess I have to wait till they come out next year. At least they are boobies to wait for.

  • Too bad about the actors, hope everything turns out well for them. Amazing how people we don't even know can bring so much joy, hate to hear that they are on a down sloop on the rollercoaster of life.

  • Yea thanks for the informative post Funi. Answered all my question and then some. I'm glad to see a FAQ for this popular anime and with a little humor too :)

  • Excellent information, very informative and fun. Now back to the fun of the show.

  • Updated the FAQ with new info since the simulcast has now ended.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Updated the FAQ with new info since the simulcast has now ended.

    Thanks again for throwing this up there. It's one thing to just think random shit happens, such as the censorship…but I personally wasn't aware that the Simul-cast episodes were censored so I had the same retort. Then I went looking for answers and BOOM!!!, Spaceman to the rescue. I'll gladly wait for the uncensored content and while the voice actor change is unfortunate, its not like we all can't understand that life happens and things have to change. I believe the voice actors will do their best to duplicate the characters while putting their own slight spin on it. You never know, it could be better. Again, thanks.

  • Uh I have a question
    Disregard my name didn't think of one so made this dumb one up

    A little late I suppose :(

  • You said it would usually take 12-16 months, is there a Specific Day of the Year and/or Week that it would also be available on iTunes?

  • @vinsable:

    You said it would usually take 12-16 months, is there a Specific Day of the Year and/or Week that it would also be available on iTunes?

    Not at this time, no.

  • Educated Guess e.g. "The Sunday Closest to June the 20th 2016 to October 20th"

  • @bix64133:

    Excellent information, very informative and fun. Now back to the fun of the show.

    I still can't stand that it's censord it just doesn't fit with the first 2 seasons!!!!

  • @gokugodss:

    I still can't stand that it's censord it just doesn't fit with the first 2 seasons!!!!

    Like the FAQ states, it will be uncensored when the home video release comes out.

    Patience, young one.

  • @Getchman:

    funny and informative, well done.

    They also need to make at least up to 8 seasons that would be great it has a solid story to do it with!!

  • @gokugodss:

    They also need to make at least up to 8 seasons that would be great it has a solid story to do it with!!

    That's entirely up to Kadokawa. The show is certainly popular enough to merit keeping it going, but there's no sign yet whether they will or not.

  • That works for me Thank You

  • Ah so that explains the recasting of the characters. I knew they did it but I was curious as to why. No matter though Akeno will forever be my waifu.

  • This was an amazing sticky that answered every question I had about boobs! Thank you so much, I will defer watching this until next summer when the boobs make their triumphant return.

  • i was just curious since season 3 is fully dubbed and streaming, is there any official word on a dvd\blu-ray release? personally i'm thinking like March\April time but i'm just guessing.

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