Are They Going To Finish Naruto Shippuden

  • I was just wondering if there will be any more episodes coming out soon of course I know that they cant all dubbed at the same time or did you stop with the series?

  • Where to begin….

    1. Funimation does not own the Naruto Shippuden series. Viz Media does.
    2. Viz airs all of the dubbed episodes on Neon Alley and they have new episodes if I recall correctly every week
    3. Next episode that should air in English on Neon Alley is Episode 296.
    4. The dub has new episodes every week
    5. Thread now pointless and irrelevant because questions are answered.

  • Pretty much what Spartan said. I'll also add that you can watch brand spankin' new dubbed Naruto episodes every week, completely legally, at

    Now that your question has been answered, this topic will be locked. :)

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