The disppearance of nago yuki j

  • hi i don't know if anyone watch this when will they dub the show maybe not to
    fall if anyone know the answer please tell me

  • they plan to broadcast dub this show. when they will start has not been revealed yet

  • it's about half way done I hope so soon

  • The schedule says the first ep goes up in two days. And Shark McSkark voices every body. Excellent casting

  • Two days, and yet still no cast announced? I'm growing less confident by the day that they even attempted to get the original Haruhi cast back.

    edit: or they could just be trolling us, which is 100% in the spirit of this franchise.

    edit-again: They've updated the page, and it's the original cast! I am very happy and slightly surprised. And people said that Crispin doesn't do VA for Funimation.

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