Anyone else have this happen?

  • Just something completely random that happened when I picked up my copy of the limited edition last weekend.

    I pretty much always keep the receipts for any anime and video games I buy, just in case something is wrong with the disc so I can take it back with the receipt and get an exchange. I always stick the receipt inside the dvd case when I pick up a limited edition, since I only take the dvds with me when I'm travelling (laptop doesn't have a blu-ray drive).

    Anyway, so I put my receipt in that case without actually taking a close look at the discs and opened up the blu-ray case to grab disc 1 to watch a some of it….. only to notice that I was holding the dvd, not the blu-ray. So, I crack open the dvd case right away to make sure, that for whatever reason, I didn't get stuck 4 dvds and no blu-ray, only to find the blu-ray in the wrong case as well. My first thought right away was "What the f--!?" and then I just laughed.

    Never had this happen before, but I thought it was pretty weird and a bit funny.

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