Season 2 dubbed?

  • Does anybody have any news about when there are going to start to dub Season 2 for High school DXD?

  • Nope. But odds are they will release the season 2 dub sometime in 2014.

  • Yea you sure are right. Just that the Dub in High School DxD is really amazing. Personally I love the sub voice actors better but watching High School DXD in Dub is a whole different experience.

  • Way to early to know specifics on when since the second season just ended last month, but it is a guarentee that it will be as the show is really popular and from what i understand they already sold out of the LE editions of the season one box set. I had to make sure to snatch up my copy before the price on the remaining copies soared.

    I would say look forward to next year if there isn't any licensing dickery or snafus

  • Lets hope soon as possible, these next episodes are going to be funny in dubbed as much as they are subbed now. lets hope the Manga is quick too ug taking so long. Episode 13XD dubbed cant wait

  • It's Funimation. The release will be delayed at least once from its announced date, whenever that might be. That's almost certain at this point. To "answer" the question, "not soon enough".

    I hope it is soon. The show was so much better dubbed IMO. More importantly, I can't stand Asia's seiyuu. She makes her sound like a fetishistic archetype instead of an actual character. This is bad IMO because her archetype doesn't do anything for me.

    I don't see the purpose of the LE for this. I have the "NE" and it actually takes up less space. The only thing that the LE gets that I don't is an extra reversible cover. The LE also puts DVDs in a BD case, which just seems odd to me.

  • Being new here I was wondering. Just how long does it take to dub 1 show?

  • Will be patiently waiting on the Season 2 dub.

  • From what I have seen here in the past is that once a DVD release has been announced then the dubbed version should soon follow.

  • True, although it might fall under one of Funi's sub only experimental titles depending on season 1's sales.

  • all of rightstuf's limited editions just sold out and one guy who regularly volunteers at funi booths at cons saw the copies fly off the shelves. I don't think there is any reason to worry about this show not selling well

  • Yeah it's been in the top 10 of Amazon's best-selling/most popular list for anime ever since its release in August four months ago, putting it up there with Akira and Summer Wars. It also just got third place in most popular releases in 2013 on Funimation's own blog

    There's no question that season 2 is getting a home video release, complete with dub

  • Volume 6 (final Blu-ray & DVD volume) ships in Japan on February 26.

    Throw in a few months of waiting because of reverse importation fears (but the show could start being dubbed during that time) and I'd guess the earliest High School DxD New is released by Funimation would be Summer or Fall of 2014.

    There could be an extra month of waiting.

    DVD/BD video masters aren't always the same as simulcast masters.

    In this case the only video masters Funimation currently has are the censored version for their simulcast.

    The Japanese Blu-ray and DVD video masters are uncensored and also have an extra 3 minutes for each episode (AKA Extended Director's Cut)

    I'm sure Funimation isn't foolish enough to just dub a show using simulcast video masters (not after the Sankarea mess) but I don't think fans have to worry for a fanservice heavy show like High School DxD; it's very obvious if you're watching a censored version unlike Sankarea which was light on nudity for its uncensored version so just watching the censored version would look like nothing's wrong

  • Funimation please hurry up and dub season 2 i love this show

  • You know… I read the description of the show and I was really hating on it. I had completed all the other seasons to other animes I watched and I said, "Eh... what the hell". Greatest decision of mah lieff! Ran through these episodes like... a turkey. Can't wait for the season 2 dub to be released! Any new information as of today?

  • @THE_KART96:

    Being new here I was wondering. Just how long does it take to dub 1 show?

    Funimation usually has a 1 year delay from Broadcast to release, from when the shows are 1st broadcast in Japan (Mostly due to licensing restrictions and to prevent reverse importation issues)

  • i hope they hurry already near month of may of 2014 need to hear dub not sub as much want to if can understand Japanese and have put up with English subtitle to understand what there saying. like don't have something bad say about Japanese I hate have to watch anime in Japanese when put out on funimation site to watch it in other season of it not in English dub yet so please get out soon am getting tired of this long wait for those dub to come before they make to bd/dvd box set.

  • sorry mean br/dvd so hurry english dub on funimation site hate waiting for year for the change in so get it soon not year.

  • if wonding what show talking about is one's that just came out last year to year and are rated tv-ma type with more then just one season that are already on funimation site that displays online watch there episodes to second season one's

  • Well, at the very least, I can certainly see why you'd much rather listen to English than read it

  • Depending on the show, FUNimation has released a dub as long as two years from the time of original broadcast, though the same isn't true of every anime they've licensed. With any luck, we'll be seeing a dub near the last quarter of the year.

    While I appreciate your zeal for the show, please do not double, or triple post in a row. There is an edit button for a reason. If you need to add more to your previous statement, then edit your post, and modify it. Thanks.

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