No Closed Captioning?

  • Hi there! I just ordered this channel today and I was quite surprise to discover it was the first channel I have ever found that does not have closed captioning! I thought this was required for all television channels. :(

    Is there currently a bug or something that's preventing dubbed anime from having closed captioning for the deaf or hard of hearing? Anyone else have this problem? My provider is AT&T U-Verse.

  • When I had the FUNimation Channel on C-Band, most of the shows were closed captioned.

    You might want to contact Olympusat, Inc. to asked them about closed captioning or leave a comment the Channel's feedback page.

  • Thanks jlaking. I tried contacting AT&T and they were being very unresponsive and unsure of the problem. So, I dropped an FCC complaint (since the law stats closed captioning is required, or the studio and or the provider can be fined). Now they're suddenly jumping up on it and looking to get it resolved immediately. :) Hopefully it'll work soon.

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