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  • Alright idk how many ppl have pieced this together as well, but I've been recently rewatching Dragon Ball and finally watched dbz BoG. So in db, we find out that Goku is 12 at his first WMAT, and later that bulma is 16 when the red ribbon army wants to have "fun" with her. So for the most part, we'll just say they're 4 years apart. So in BoG, they're celebrating bulmas 38th birthday when beerus arrives. That puts Goku around 34. Now, it was revealed that videl just got pregnant, and at the end of dbz (10 years after buu) pan was 4. That puts BoG 6 years after buu. So yeah, cool, math. Goku was 38 at end of dbz, 34 in BoG, 28 during buu, 21 for androids/cell, 18 when he returns from frieza, 17ish when saiyans arrived, etc. So obviously there's some flaws in the timeline, but really interesting to pinpoint exactly how Goku aged. As for gohan, being 11 when he defeats cell, yeah that's obviously really screwed up in the timeline. And the saiyans technically arrived 20 years after the destruction of planet vegeta. So AT didn't really seem to care about these small details, but interesting to speculate on your own

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  • So looking over the math, it looks like Goku knocked up Chi-Chi at FOURTEEN. oOo

    Yeah, I don't think Toriyama was really sweating the exact details. This is coming from the same series in which 5 minutes took 17 episodes. ^_^

  • Nah, I got Goku being 10 based on this, which is out of the question.

  • @jamjam182:

    Nah, I got Goku being 10 based on this, which is out of the question.

    Dat Saiyan puberty is awful strong, jus' sayin. ~_^

  • "Chi Chi, what do you mean by get an erection? Is that some sort of fancy bread or something? Cuz I'm starving"

  • Lol "kum-me-ha-me-ha!"

  • Goku was born in Age 737. Gohan was born in May of Age 757.
    Goku & Chi Chi were both 19-20 years old when Gohan was conceived.

  • Sure. But I was just pointing out those small details based on information within the two series lol

  • It's probably a better bet that someone got their math wrong on Bulma's age, let's see if we can figure this out. The first time Goku's age is mentioned is at the WMAT, where he says he is 12, and so Bulma is 16. The end of DB is six years later, putting Goku at 18 and Bulma at 22. DBZ picks up five years later putting Goku at 23 and Bulma at 27. Fast Forward two years to the battle with Frieza and Goku is 25 and Bulma is 29. Skip ahead one year to the appearance of Trunks, and three more years to the fight with the androids and Cell, and Goku is 29 and Bulma is 33. Now we go seven years ahead to the battle with Buu and Goku is 36 and Bulma is 40. Which means in BoG Bulma should be 46, eight years older than what they say she is. I think I bloated my time skips a little bit, but not by more than two or three years, so taking that into account Bulma should be no less than 43 in the movie. Sounds to me like the continuity department didn't take part in the production of this film.

  • I have a feeling that Bulma took a few years off. Mai said she was 41 in Battle of Gods and I think they are more or less the same age.

    I think age is still an issue since Trunks and Goten didn't physically change at all. At their age, a single year physically changes a lot.

  • Bulma is also supposed to be roughly the same age as Vegeta, so since he was there for the last time Beerus was awake, which was about 40 years ago, Bulma definitely should have been at least 3 years old at the time as well. Also I'm fairly certain Mai was well into her twenties when Dragon Ball started, which would make her at least five years older than Bulma.

  • Honestly, I would not put it past Bulma at all to use the Dragon Balls to wish for a more youthful body to counteract her age and just lie about her actual age to everyone else.

    She might be pushing 60 for all we know. :hmm:

  • Bulma is 45 in BOG (obviously vain enough to lie about it). Vegeta is 46, a year older than her. Goku is 41, but physically younger due to being in Other World and a saiyan.

    Mai should be around that age too. She could have been lying as well, or it was a mistake. Toriyama has been known to forget things.

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