Come on FUNimation!!! Announce the new English Voice Actors for Season 7 Please!!!

  • I'm going to lose it if I don't find out who is going to be the English Voices of the 11 Supernovas (excluding Luffy and Zoro), Silvers Rayleigh, and Boa Hancock in particular!!!

    I don't to want rush you all, but the Voyage where most of them makes their first appearance is set to be released on the 14 of July. That is in 2 months!!

    I know Brad Hutson voiced a young Silvers Rayleigh in one of the first episodes of the show, but that is because no one knew that Rayleigh was going to be such a big factor towards the show at a later stage.

    I keep having dreams that you're announcing the cast, but then I wake up in sweat and anger at the fact that it all was just a dream!!

    I have made numerous lists of possible actors to play the part of the characters.

    They are as follow:
    Eustass Kidd - Chris Ryan
    Urouge - Cris George
    Capone Bege - Jeremy Inman
    Jewelry Bonney - Jessica Cavanagh
    Basil Hawkins - Christopher Wehkamp
    X Drake - Johnny Yong Bosch
    Killer - Brad Venable
    Scratchmen Apoo - Austin Tindle
    Trafalgar Law - Matthew Mercer

    Silvers Rayleigh - Mark Stoddard
    Boa Hancock - Whitney Rodgers

    • I know that considering Johnny Yong Bosch and Matthew Mercer is a kinda stretch to the fact that both of them are LA Based, but why not?

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