What does everyone think of this show?

  • It is from the creators that made Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo so what does everyone think of it. I bought the whole set and was wondering how great this is or not is. I have not seen any of it yet. All I know again is that it's from the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Thanks and God Bless.

    I also know Space Dandy is coming out by the same creators as the other 3 shows. Wantabe

  • Watanabe didn't direct Michiko & Hatchin. Sayo Yamamoto did. Watanabe was just the music producer.

    It is somewhat similar in tone to some of the things Watanabe has done, but in reality it is very much it's own unique series.

    If you like M&H, then I'd also recommend Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, which was also directed by Yamamoto.

    Also, if you bought the whole set, then why the hell are you asking us if it's good or not? Just watch it yourself.

  • Dub good, show ranging from "meh" to "good", ending horrible. The last episode is an epilogue, an unnecessary episode, and it was pretty over-the-top with blatant anti-male sentiment. The whole show was rather anti-man (even mentioned in the ANN review for the series) but the ending ep took it to a whole new level. I think that it might be worth watching for the dub, though I admit that my progress through the dub has been glacial as I remember the plot from when I saw it subbed years ago.

    The best thing on Funi's physical release has been, so far as I've found, the video interview with Monica Rial where she states that she is preeminently qualified to act in a dub taking place in Brazil (as Japan imagines it) because she is from Spain. I found that to be hilarious as she states that she's from Spain in Spanish.

  • I'm at episode 12. So far it has been interesting. Certainly different from the other anime shows I have been watching.

  • I enjoyed the rest of this series. I even shed a tear at the ending.

  • Because of a few radicals that did nothing but spam the older FUNi site with Michiko & Hatchin threads, I was extremely reluctant to give this one much of a chance. I eventually caved, and after giving it a watch was very impressed. I can't say that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread; but it certainly was a well rounded and entertaining anime.

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