2015 Amazons of Anime Tournament : Round 4 : Sir Integra vs. Rally

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  • Sir Integra.

  • My vote goes to Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

  • Hate to say it, but this is as far as Rally goes.

    Sir Integra gets my vote.

  • So, last time, some of you asked what made Gunsmith Cats so great. Well, right now, I'm going to tell you all why.

    Gunsmith Cats is an old, out of print three episode OVA from the mid-90s based on the manga of the same name by Kenichi Sonoda and released in English by ADV in 1995. What makes it so unique in comparison to other OVAs is that instead of taking place in Japan, as most anime do, Gunsmith Cats actually takes place in Chicago. A stunningly accurate Chicago, at that, as Sonoda, the director, and the producers of the series all visited the city and took thorough, detailed notes about the city's structure, culture, and lifestyle in order to produce the most accurate depiction of an American city ever done in a foreign animated feature up to that point.

    The story focuses on Irene "Rally" Vincent, a 19 year old half-American/half-Pakistani bounty hunter and gun shop owner, and her sidekick "Minnie" May Hopkins, a 16 year old demolitions expert and former call girl. The two drive around in their fully restored 1967 Shelby Cobra GT-500 as they hunt down bad guys, get in all sorts of trouble, and look damn good doing it.

    Rally herself is an expert marksman, capable of performing near-impossible shots at unparalleled speeds. She is able to shoot so accurately that she named her trademark shot "The Thumbsnatcher", which true to its namesake, shoots off the opponent's thumbs before they're ever able to make a shot. She prefers non-lethal gunfire (after all, bounties need to be brought in alive), but she's not afraid to get her hands dirty if there's no other option. She's also an excellent driver, as she's been able to chase down criminals in her high-powered muscle car on more than one occasion. I still hold the belief that the car chase in episode 2 of the OVA is the single greatest car chase in all of anime EVER.

    She's not afraid to speak her mind, either. She's a tawdry little firecracker who's as quick with her mouth as she is with her firearm. And being voiced by the amazingly talented and lovely Amanda Winn-Lee (aka Miss Rei Ayanami, Yukiko Amagi, and Rio Kinezono herself) only adds to her charm.

    In short, she is, without a doubt, the total package. And it's for that reason alone that I will rally behind Rally until the day I die!!

    …..So yeah, give her my vote. :)

  • Well said, Spaceman - I wish more fans would be that passionate in this tournament! ~_^

    Even if she goes down here, I think Rally had her own little championship by beating Mikasa. Even though there aren't usually more than 15 people voting, it was still nice to see a more vintage heroine have her time in the spotlight.

  • ^^ So, like, did you write that whole thing just after the last round ended ooooooooor?

    Either way it's impressive! Kinda like what I did with Junko in the Villians tourney, but we aaaaaaaaaaall know how that turned out.

    Still feeling a bit bitter about that. -_-

  • Sticking with Hellsing

  • @Heavenspiercing:

    Either way it's impressive! Kinda like what I did with Junko in the Villians tourney, but we aaaaaaaaaaall know how that turned out.

    Still feeling a bit bitter about that.

    It makes sense really. Later rounds you want to push your character that may or may not be as popular as some other contenders and you want to rally (see what I did there) behind them and try to persuade the unconvinced public as to why they are really great and should move on.

    Hell I pushed Meruem as hard as I could for the Villain's Tournament alongside some other favorites like Tohru Adachi. I'm still really proud of Meruem ESPECIALLY since he beat the reigning champ and made it into the Sinister Sixteen. So yeah. When you're trying to convince undecided voters it makes perfect sense.

  • Hardy makes a compelling case for Rally, so I'll vote for her against Sir Integra just this once.

  • voting Sir Integra

  • voting for Rally

  • I'm gonna vote for the great Sr. Integra.

  • Sticking with Rally until she's not around anymore.

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