Lucky Star Light Novels and Manga Question's.

  • Any one know where I could find The Lucky Star light novels (Lucky star: Lucky Star Murder Case, Lucky Star: Lucky Star Online etc.) in English?

    I heard they were put out in English a long time ago and I just recently got into lucky star and I like it and wanted to read where the anime didn't go which I also wanted to know, where does the anime leave off in the manga series.

    And does any one know a place where I can buy the manga (in Canada)? I been to and the prices were high around 58$ for one Volume, new. Is that really the price for a manga, isn't there a cheaper solution?

  • Only the manga was released in English by Bandai, and it is now oop ( out of print)

  • Okay but do you know which volume in the manga series that the anime ends in, is the anime representation just the first volume? I got to know cus I can't really figure it out.

    You're referring to the manga being out of print? They are still being sold over and I'm not sure but I think I can get it on Kindle Fire by buying over a viz manga app.

  • You can't buy them off the Viz manga app because Viz did not publish the manga on English, Bandai did, and yes you can still find copies of who they released but as Bandai no longer releases anime or manga, there are not any new printings being made, thus the manga is OOP * out of print*. As for what the anime covers, can't say.

  • Theres a Lucky Star novel it would be nice to read but light novel rarely get released in the US as for the manga I think its the 5th or6th volume where the anime leaves off and It would be nice to see it get relicenses again just for the 9th and 10th volume

  • 5th and 6th eh? Okay, that brings it close.

    They go up to ten? Coooool, looks like I got to start leaning Japanese… not that I haven’t already started. Wait, does it only go up to 10 volumes, do you know? And what do you mean? That there never going to re license it?

    Yeah, it would be cool to have more Lucky Star, its funny stuff. I wish there were more amines like it.

  • Okay after a lot of review reading I figured out that the manga volume that gos where the anime doesn't is volume 7. That is where they get into collage.

  • Any one a Lucky☆Star fan may be interested that Viz media will have copies on their shelves soon.

    I for one can"t wait. Been wanting the manga volumes of LS for a while now, plus it will be professionally translated (wishful thinking here). Yes I am referring to Bandai Entertainment lazy, lazy Bandai.

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