Free Iwatobi swim club

  • Man i love this anime its a really good sports anime for the guys and as for us girls a good view of fan service lol (not like how most ecchi animes are). So if people wanna talk or ask about? it this really needs the good credit and publicity that it deserves. So swim away!

  • I really did like this one there really needs to be anther season so there with be more of Gou and the best part was when Rei tried to swim but did even move an inch just sank

  • i want rei to get better and learn from his butterfly

  • The Last Ep Said See You Next Summer So Might Be Anthor Seaon I Hope http://www.youtubhttp://
    O_O …..
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    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Crack [eng only]
    by WahBoo284 months ago4,489 views
    I took all the english parts from my multilanguage cracks (that you can watch on my channel) and put them together. Enjoy! :) Song …
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    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club : Makoto Tachibana Copic drawing
    by mistiqarts7 months ago18,422 views
    This is a fanart of Makoto, a character from anime: "Free! Iwatobi swim club", belongs to its author Kōji Ōji. I apologize for bits of ...
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    Free! Iwatobi swim club-SPLASH FREE(ED FULL)
    by Eren Jaeger6 months ago304,056 views
    Free!/Swimming anime Song: Splash free ending full.
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    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - Haru vs. Rin
    by Nathan John Gatchalian6 months ago13,171 views
    Taken from Episode 7. No copyright infringement intended.
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    Free! - Iwatobi Swim CRACK
    by Lul866807 months ago98,270 views
    Hello, this is my first crack so please don't be so mean. I've made this beacause I was boring and I want to try something new in ...
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    Free!- House of Horror
    by fightingdreamerspro3 months ago51,527 views
    Gou brings the Iwatobi Swim Club to her grandparents mansion for swimming practice for the weekend. However, Rin has already ...
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    【pebble x friskie】Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ED Splash Free Dance Cover 踊ってみた
    by Pebble chan3 months ago19,374 views
    Happy Halloween! Watch in HD! Truth be told, we started working on this choreo right when Free came out =3= so basically it took ...
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    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Splashes All Over Anime Club!
    by SourceFedNERD2 weeks ago74,848 views
    Is this a deeply homoerotic anime? Just some dudes swimming? Oh. Next week: Kill La Kill! Use #SFNKill Check out Ani-Meg on ...
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  • A second season has already been confirmed, so

  • … double beat to it. :D

  • @Firefly:

    EDIT: oooh, beat to it


    … double beat to it. :D


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