New posts sorting

  • This suggestion isn't as driven as my last to this area, but does seem to make sense from a user standpoint. At one point yesterday, there were 10 pages of new posts. This is the area I normally jump straight to when visiting the forum since it's a lot easier than having to check each of the divisions of the "Forum Home" page to see if any interesting activity has taken place. Needless to say, scanning through 10 pages still took a bit of time, and most of the posts weren't even in areas which I personally would find of interest. I'm not trying to belittle anyone's post, they're just not my cup of tea. I'm actually glad to see that the forum gets traffic.

    In order to simplify the user experience for everyone, it seems like breaking them up into their respective forums would ease searching for things of interest. I'm not saying to simply re-list the same forum format. Something like a header for the forum area, and then the list of new posts in that area below that would ease searching through multiple pages for activity. Likewise, if someone is simply looking for a lot of reading, it doesn't hinder the ability to read all the new posts.

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