Questions for Subtitle only subscribers.

  • So I subscribe to Crunchyroll already, but with the new 4.99 subtitle only subscription, I've considered subscribing here too. I have a couple of questions first though:

    1. The difference between Full subscribers and Sub subscribers is ONLY no dubs, right?

    2. I've watched some shows on here after the delay for non-subscribers is past, and I notice that lots of them are run thru hulu. I've subscribed to hulu before, and I know that even subscribers to hulu get commercials. If I subscribe to funimation under the sub only, will I still see the videos thru hulu (and get commercials) or will I see it thru a funi player, and have no commercials?

    Ideally I would only subscribe to the sub only (I prefer subs), and only if it was commercial free, no limitations other than lack of dubs (as in having library access as well as simulcast… but only Subbed)

  • 1. Yes, that's correct.

    2. Most of the shows here are commercial free for subscribers. However, there are a few that due to licensing restrictions have commercials no matter what. These include the shows from Toei (Fist of the North Star, Digimon, Harlock, Air Master, etc.) and some of the old ADV rescues (Chrono Crusade, Le Chevalier D'Eon, etc.). But the vast majority of FUNimation's streaming catalog is completely free of ads for subscribers.

  • Cool, maybe I'll make room in my budget for a second subscription then.

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