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  • Although I haven't had any luck with it, it appears the member profiles have an area intended to track viewing history. Mine only shows a VERY small fraction of what I've watched on the site, but that's not really related to this post directly.

    I was thinking about how many sequels/movies/additional seasons I constantly tell myself I've got to buy when they come out. However, they usually end up getting lost in the fray of other new things coming out, and some never get past the "gotta have it if they ever make it" stage. Since the site is attempting to track history anyway, it doesn't seem like it would be too far of a stretch to add a "request update notifications" button or something similar for series which were enjoyed enough to want to watch more of it. For example, I've kept Tokyo Ravens in my Queue just so I can remember I enjoyed it, and I know the second part is coming up soon, so I don't forget. Something more focused than this just seems like a win/win.

    As an additional bonus for Funimation, it would also work as a targeted marketing tool making sure the portion of us wanting to buy more would at least know it's either available for pre-order or "coming soon, so get the check book ready".

  • Thanks! This functionality is planned for exactly the reasons you've listed. Keeping Shows in your Queue will be one way to receive email notifications on them. We'll also likely have some kind of Notifications dashboard somewhere. Which location for such a list would make the most sense to you? I was thinking a tab next to History called "My Shows" (the original name, but that might be confused with Queue), "Show Notifications", "Notifications", or "Notify Me".

    History is integrated on the site, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. If you watch on Roku or on the mobile/tablet app, your history will not update. Your history is updated from 0:00 and then at every whole minute while you watch a video. If you watch a video and don't let the player cross a whole minute mark, then the history will not update. You can view your entire History in your Profile under the History tab.

    Your Queue will only display what you should watch based on your history. If you've never watched the show, then it will say "Start Watching: Episode 1". If you're in the middle of an episode, then it will say "Continue Watching: Episode ##". If you have finished an episode, then the Queue will say "Start Watching: Episode ##" for the next episode. If you have watched every available episode, then the Queue will say "Watch Latest: Episode ##". If you click on View All Videos, then you can see a list of all episodes with a red bar to indicate your watch progress per language.

  • The most reasonable location, would be in the "My Stuff" or "Favorites" section of the profile. I haven't used these features to really understand them, but it does seem like a combination of the two.

    With regards to the history, I've watched more episodes this morning than is listed in my history as a total. This isn't really a concern for me personally, but it doesn't seem to be importing the data from the Xbox 360 app to the site if it's a concern for the technical staff.

  • Ah, then Xbox 360 probably doesn't sync to History yet.

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