How does it work?

  • How do you join an animation company?.

  • like you would any other job

  • Pretty much. Also, the answer depends on whether what you want to do is produce animation, translate and localize animation, or be a voice actor.

    I'm actually a really good example of how that question needs to be more specific– the way I ended up with a tech support job in anime is going to be very different from how someone ends up with a graphic design job or a voice acting job.

    The real answer, though, is that you "don't". Like any other career, you don't really try to work at a certain company, you beef out a skill-set that applies to many companies and then you apply to the ones you like and hope you're what they're looking for.

  • In my case, it was skill-set + networking. I made friends with Lance Heiskell in 2001 or so, and he was my contact at FUNimation for anime club support. When it came time for FUNimation to have someone to run Operation Anime, the anime club program, Lance asked if I knew anyone. The rest is history.

  • Such a simple, yet interesting topic title.

    I like the three responses above me as well.

    Getchman: lmao
    CJ: tell us a brief summary of how you got into funimation!
    Sophie: wow, that's a very long time that you've known him. Who knew you were just the person he needed to hire :D

    And this is out of the blue but will there ever be another moderator for these forums? Having just two active admins and one active moderator may not be enough as the amount of members is constantly increasing. Just look at all those High School DxD topics and the amount of replies they get :O

  • there are at least 3 other mods. Davidism, Gyt Kaliba and Shiroi. no idea where they have gone

  • ^ Actually we have two moderators and three admins. Davidism, our other working mod, is often busy with his job which causes him not to drop in as often as he likes, but he usually handles the Fairy Tail forum. And Macy, our third admin, is still very new and usually works behind the scenes with the technical stuff.

    But you're right, I do think we could definitely use some more mods. I do feel rather overworked on occasion.

  • Isn't Justice also a moderator

  • The list of moderators shown here actually says there are eight moderators, but most have not been around for ages. In fact, a few of these members are tagged as moderators, but their forum rank shows "Junior Member" instead.

  • @dabkowski: All of them say moderator when I check their profiles.

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