Las Vegas club???

  • Hello! I would like to just get on right with it and say that I'd like to start (or join) an anime/otaku club here in fabulous Las Vegas! I have already read the other post about a similar idea but it seems that it didn't take off for some reason. I might be wrong though so if somebody knows more please correct me!

    I'm not going to get into crazy detail about the club but I will tell you this. It gets boring being in this city and having nobody to share your anime interest with!

    So I'd like to call out all the otakus hidden in the city to come out, message me and spread the word and if we get people interested then maybe we can make this club come true! If you are interested please leave me a message here letting me know.

    I also have a twitter @LVA_Club and a website called if you are interested you are welcome to follow me or register on the website and leave a comment. If you are genuinely interested please make contact!! Thank you!

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