To All Animators/Artists, Job Offer?

  • TL;DR if you want ha
    So this is my first post ever on this site and forum, though I've been using FUNimation for the longest time to find new anime to watch, but this is all besides the point ha

    I don't mean to advertise and ruin the vibe of these forums, but…

    TO ALL ANIMATORS/ARTISTS, or to anyone else who is reading this, I'm in need of someone who is capable and interested in doing short animations for me.
    I'm currently making songs and would like short animated teasers.
    If I really enjoy your work, I would like to offer a paid job to animate full length songs.
    I know animation could be a very tedious job, so compensation would be well respected.
    I'm an amateur myself, but I go to school for audio engineering and music production.
    Message me if you're interested or know anyone who would be.
    YouTube uploaded upon completion with credits.

    IF YOU'RE NOT AN ANIMATOR, artists are absolutely sought out for to draw general depictions of what I'm looking for.
    Again, message me for more details.
    I'm really eager and hopeful about this, but it is also for fun as well.
    No stress.

    But yeah, thanks for your time reading and all.
    I feel this is very useful place to find and meet new people with talent and common interests.
    I hope to hear back soon from anyone.
    Plus, I would like to meet new people on here no matter who you are haha

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