.hack//WORLDS likes and dislikes

  • I like .hack//SIGN, .hack//G.U. Movie, and .hack//ROOTS

    I was not fond of .hack//Twilight Bracelet

    The music in SIGN is just fabulous!

  • What do I like about .hack?


    Other than that, not much. Give me Accel World and Log Horizon any day.

  • There was a difference between Accel World and SAO? Accel was the better one as it was better constructed but it wasn't far removed from sao.

  • ^ You… DID watch both shows, right? If so, then you'd realize that other than the "virtual reality MMO" concept, the two are very much different.

    One of them has an interesting, eclectic cast of characters, a strong female lead, and a main protagonist who undergoes plenty of character development.

    The other is Sword Art Online.

  • I did watch both shows. Both shows featured main characters who delved into a special world, had special powers exclusive to them in that special world "just because" and had main characters who fought horribly constructed villains (at least they were hilarious in Accel World). They were both Wish Fulfillment shows, one (AW) was just a bit better constructed. Shoot, "Brain Burst" actually started off being balanced and that made me start to think that the author had perhaps matured in his story construction. Suffice it to say, I was conned.

    Speaking of Brain Burst, I do wish that SAO's virtual reality system had worked on a similar "accelerated time" setup as the way the author handled the "1 second in reality = 1 second in SAO" was ridiculous and unnecessary as the author didn't try to do anything with it (at least, not until the SAO game ended…). All of these "help, I've fallen into a virtual world and I can't get out" ideas should use accelerated time IMHO.

    The difference between "better" and "good", as illustrated with anime: Accel World was better than SAO, though they were similar, but neither of them was good.

  • its pretty funny tho cause both accell world and soa basically got their idea from .hack but the biggest difference is that hack went into it so deep that inorder to know the FULL story line you would have to watch the shows THEN play the games. wich the games were amazing cause it was the first and so far only attempt that i know of to create an rpg that has the characteristics of being an mmo without even actually being one. then the way the games were seperated into parts was kinda like how MMOs have game exapnsion packs. So honestly i dont think that either accell world or soa came anywhere close to .HACK ….. of course this is just my own opinion

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