Galaxy Raiders

  • Galaxy Raiders

    Narrator: People in this world never understand the value of life until it flashes before their eyes. But when evil arrives and the world is at it's knees, mankind joins together as one to fight against it all.

    Kazuto: (Sigh) The world is so boring. I wonder how life is beyond this galaxy.

    Sakura: Hey! Kazuto! whats up.

    Kazuto: Oh, hey Sakura what you up to?.

    Sakura: On my way to school of course just like you dummy.

    Kazuto: Geez didn't have to call me a dummy.

    Sakura: Get over it, even though your a dummy I still love you.

    ( Kazuto blushes and holds his head down)

    Sakura: (Giggles) you're so cute when you blush.

    ( A large explosion is heard across the world)

    (A news alert comes on the Jumbo screen in the city)

    News Man: This is a universal crisis for the Earth!. Our scientist have just informed us that planets Neptune, Uranus and Saturn have just been completely destroyed by a blast moving at mach 15 that came from a black hole on the out skirts of our galaxy. This disaster can also quite possibly occur to Earth.

    ( People screaming and running in fear)

    Kazuto: Wow…...

    Sakura: (Crying) I can't believe we could die today. Kazuto why are you just standing there!.

    ( Sakura slaps Kazuto)

    Kazuto: Huh?! oh, sorry about that I blacked out for a minute.

    Sakura: How to hell are you so calm!

    Kazuto: Hmm honestly I don't know. Oh well guess I'll just go home.

    Sakura: What?!.

    [ A loud crash is heard]

    News Man: I have just been told that an unidentified object has burst through the sound barrier, and another and another and another. Oh god no no noooo.

    ( The screen blacks out )

    Woman: Whats going on? my phone isn't working.

    Man: Mine either.

    Child: I can't find my mommy!.

    ( People mumbling,screaming and children crying )

    ( The objects crash into the ground )

    Kazuto: Huh? What is that? It's moving! Sakura stand back.

    Strange Creature: Beings of Earth, I am Zorge leader of the Galians. Do not fear we come in peace, haha no not really we are here to eradicate the Milky Way.

    Sakura: Kazuto we gotta go now!.

    Kazuto: Yeah lets go.

    Zorge: Attack!

    Galian Soliders: Grahhh.

    ( Screams)

    ( Rumbling sounds coming from the distance)

    Zorge: What is that sound?.

    Man: It's the army we're saved!.

    Zorge: (Laughing) They think my soliders can be stopped by puny tanks, these worthless creatures. Soliders clean up these craps of metal.

    Galian Solider: Yes Captian Zorge.

    (Blasters shooting and destroying the tanks)

    Zorge: See such a simple task, now get rid of these running chunks of meat.

    Kazuto: Huh?! These creeps are fast.

    Sakura: Oh no they're gonna catch us Kazuto!

    Galian Solider: Give up puny human.

    (Kazuto turns back, runs and spin kicks the Galian)

    Kazuto: That should buy us a minute.

    Sakura: What the hell I didn't know you could do that!.

    Zorge: Soliders!

    ( Galians look at Zorge)

    Zorge: Leave that one there is something special about him.

    Sakura: They stopped.

    Kazuto: Yeah you're right, lets not stop too.

    (Zorge and Kazuto glare at each other)

    ( Later that day the telecommunications network came back on)

    [[The news can be heard in the background]]

    Newsman: The earth has been infiltrated buy creatures known as Galians. About a quater of the human race has been wiped out.

    ( Kazuto turns of the TV)

    Sakura: I'm scared, Kazuto hold me.

    Kazuto: Ehh (blushes) umm Sakura.

    Sakura: Why are you trembling so much.* Looks into Kazutos eyes* Are you more scared of me than them?

    Kazuto: No no no its not that at all, its just that sigh nevermind. We gotta rest we have a long day tomorrow.

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