About Mobile Games

  • I saw there are few mobile games here. Can I start a thread about mobile games? We can post favorite mobile games here.
    I prefer sports game because I'm a sports fan. But I found those big games like 2k series or FIFA in mobile version are quite weird. So currently my favorite game is Football Planet. Small game, kind of management and card game. Really good for relaxing.
    So what about you?

  • (You're good to start a thread about mobile gaming and people are good to discuss their favorite games– however, if this thread starts to turn into advertising for either upcoming or current mobile games, we'll have to close it down.)

    I have personally been playing entirely too much Little Dots, but then, I like kind of puzzle-y match-y things on touch screens.

    Also entirely too much Hearthstone, but I'm not sure if that counts.

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