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  • I’m surprised nobody has made one of these yet considering everything that’s has been going on with Star Wars in general; Disney buying it from Lucasfilm, a new trilogy coming in 2015 I believe, the Clone Wars show being shut down and possibly, and it’s only speculation mind you, nothing is confirmed; a new series that takes place between episode 3 and 4.

    So to get the ball rolling, I watched the original trilogy on VHS when they first came out in the 80’s when I was a young child. I even remember I had an original Boba Fett figure and my brothers and cousins had a lot more of the other toys; the Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, Death Star Play set, I didn’t really get more into action figures until GIJOE repaved their way into the market.

    I also remember when the old cartoon “Droids” was being first broadcast along with those crumby “Ewokes” cartoons.

    I’m also one of the few people who enjoyed the Prequel Trilogy, although I will admit that it lacks some of the charm that made the Original Trilogy such a Science Fiction/Fantasy staple. It was different, good, but different, with the strongest of the Prequel Series being Revenge of the Sith; even with Hayden Christiansen’s horrid acting, it was a still great movie; it was pretty much a modern retelling of the Shakespearian classic; Macbeth.

    I also very much enjoyed both the Clone Wars Cartoon series; the first one that had the Samurai Jack style character designs and of course the more polished CG series.

    So, that’s a little about how I feel about it, more will come as time goes. So for those of you who are Star Wars fans, this is the place to post any updates you hear be it about the upcoming movie, a new TV series, comics, novels, board games, video games or anything else that comes up regarding Star Wars.

  • It may not. be cannon anymore thanks to that bloody CGI cartoon. But the original Clone Wars animations by Gennedy Tartstokovy will always be my fav piece of Star Wars material. * and the only piece that had the one true indestructible General Grevious, not that copy cat wimp in the CGI toon and EP III.*

    But my ramblings aside. I'm looking for to episode VII and hope Disney treats the property well.

  • I'm a huge fan of most things sci-fi which includes Star Wars. And yes, I also enjoyed the prequels as well.

    I'm looking forward to more but I'm not exactly thrilled about the change of ownership. Hopefully they'll be just as entertaining as the other films were.

  • Disney will likely try to poop out another princess, somehow, for their collection! Hmm, the Vader princess? Don't piss her off on your first date, or you may find it hard to breathe! Or maybe Yoda's daughter princess. She could sound like miss piggy!

  • I'd like them to cover the time when Luke joined the Emperor's clone and went dark… although that was a comic so I don't know how canon it is considered. The Shadows of Mindow would also be an interesting time for the next movie to cover, and it is chronologically correct. If I had to guess though I would bet they will be doing the Jedi Academy trilogy.

  • @Soundmonkey44:

    It may not. be cannon anymore thanks to that bloody CGI cartoon. But the original Clone Wars animations by Gennedy Tartstokovy will always be my fav piece of Star Wars material. * and the only piece that had the one true indestructible General Grevious, not that copy cat wimp in the CGI toon and EP III.*

    At the very least, that's my favorite thing that came out of Star Wars in the last ~20 years, and other than KotOR, probably the only thing I can still say I really enjoyed since Return of the Jedi.

    Really though, I can't say I care too much about Star Wars at this point. The new Star Trek films aren't really cinematic masterpieces, but I can still enjoy going back and watching old episodes of TNG, which is more than I can say for SW.

  • All I ask is that Disney give us the old fashioned adventure/heroic type flicks that we saw in 4 and 5.

  • Funny you should bring up the latest Star Trek movies Eye of Pain. I was looking at info on it and Star Wars Episode VII is a co-production with Bad Robot Productions, who was a co producer of both Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Hopefully that could lead to a good outcome.

  • Episode 7 just got an official release date, Dec 18th 2015. This is actually quite a surprise since every single other Star Wars has come out during the summer.

  • Star Wars for Christmas in 2015 eh. Works for me. But yeah kinda gotta agree with EOP, more into Star Trek ATM then Star Wars, TNG is a fun show to marathon. But I am looking forward to episode VII, and the new cartoon that's set to air on Disney XD next year.

  • I'm still not really sure how to feel about new Star Wars movies. I'm a lukewarm fan as it is. I enjoy the original films as a trilogy more, but I enjoy some parts of the prequel trilogies, and though I haven't seen it since it came out and really need to to re-judge…I remember thinking Episode III was the best stand-alone film. I also think Jar Jar Binks gets a bum rap.

    By the same token though, I'm not really sure I want to see more movies...I'll judge when the trailer is out, but it'll most likely be a DVD rental if anything.

  • I think at this point in my Star Wars fandom, I care more about the EU than the movie canon. I'll still go see the new movies, but I think I'm more likely to replay KOTOR than watch the movies if I need a Star Wars fix.

  • As a kid I was very into Star Wars, that one I can thank my Dad for. I didn't own them until the Special Editions came out on VHS. My parents had taped them off of USA Network or something like that. The first time I remember watching Star Wars was at my Aunts place it just happened to be on TV and since then I have been a fan. I have a ton of the books but lately I fell out of reading them. On the EU side I stopped at about the middle of the Legacy of the Force storyline. Still I feel the New Jedi Order storyline to be the best by far. As for the new movies coming out on December of 2015 I'm pretty excited for it. Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams know what to accomplish for this new trilogy to be successful and I'm more than happy to see how Episode VII turns out. For those not in the know right now JJ and Lawrence Kasdan are writing the screenplay for the movie instead of the script that Michael Arndt had turned in. Almost makes me want to see what he wrote versus what we will see on the silver screen. I'm almost certain that is why it's coming out in December versus May like we are accustomed too. And I'd rather have it come out later and have a better movie because of it. I guess I'm just really optimistic about this.

  • If you liked the Clone Wars CGI like i did you'd be happy to know a few more episodes will come out…

  • @canadianMan:

    If you liked the Clone Wars CGI like i did you'd be happy to know a few more episodes will come out…

    Hello fellow Canadian; I clicked the link and I must say I’m pretty excited about all that; there are indeed some story arcs that need to be resolved.

    I know there’s the whole deal with Darth Maul, there’s Asuka’s resignation from the Jedi and the implications it has on Anakin and how it contributes to his fear of abandonment. I know there are a few more characters that are also supposed to get killed off, at least it’s how it was in the original Clone Wars cartoon.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of all this.

  • I'm concerned about any more of the original cast returning: Mark Hamill has not aged well (and reminds me of a mashup of Greg Ayres & Vic on his wiki picture lol) and I'm not sure that Harrison Ford has all his marbles as he seemed to be teetering on the brink of cognizance during his promotional tour for Ender's Game (either that, or "doddering old man" is the character he's decided to play 24/7). Enders' Game itself, his promotional tour and his listless Indy in Crystal Skull all lead me to believe that Harrison Ford doesn't have it in him to pull of Han Solo again.

    Speaking of age, can movies VII+ be made for adults again, instead of being made for children? Also, would some real special effects be too much to ask? I don't want to see any more bad CG, like the Yoda lightsaber battle or, literally, every second of The Clone Wars show.

  • @sidereal_presence:

    Speaking of age, can movies VII+ be made for adults again, instead of being made for children?

    What movies have you been watching? Star Wars was practically meant for kids. Or at the very least, the kid inside us all who never wanted to become adults. Oh sure, it could have done without Ewoks or Jar Jar, but all of that happened after the best movie in the franchise.

    I said something similar a few pages ago: I just want Star Wars to bring back that space adventure spirit that we saw and loved in the original trilogy. Obviously CG will work its way in there, but I don't care how much they put in, just as long as the story and characters are fun again.

  • I really just want the Star Wars to movies to be fun, exciting, and able to be enjoyed by anyone. As long as they capture the spirit of the franchise - conflict, balance, adventure, etc. - and can make a compelling story, I'm good. With Abrams behind it, I'm excited. His Star Trek movies were practically Star Wars, and now he's doing Star Wars so he can go all out with making them actually Star Wars. Although it could be kinda funny if he does Star Wars in the feel of classic Star Trek…

    Really, though, this is shaping up to be a great revival of Star Wars. We have Battlefront 3, which'll be hype. The first two are excellent. If we're lucky, 1313 gets picked up again and gets finished, and Star Wars Episode VII is coming. My only wish now is for another KOTOR-style game. I'd love playing another Star Wars RPG like that, although a new story would be nice.

  • As much as I did like the original trilogy, even the 1997 remaster, I fear that Episode VII might flop. On the other hand, if Disney does it right, It may beat Avatar out of the Highest grossing films list.

  • Looks like Marvel will be taking over the publication of Star Wars comics in 2015. Poor Darkhorse, hope they can find a good I.P. To make up for this loss.

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