What a great series!

  • Really, fantastic. I loved it when it aired on ColoursTV so I ordered the Stations 1-6 and watched it all in two days.
    I don't know much about the second season but I really hope it gets released in English. I'd probably buy it immediately when that happens.

    Doesn't look like many people post in Funimation forums? I don't represent the entirety of the Galaxy Railways fans. I know others are waiting for the second season as well. I wonder if the second season was in Leiji Matsumoto's original story? Or was season one supposed to wrap things up? In a DVD interview with him he said it was "a long story" and to "stay with it" but it seems kind of short to me and I still want more :)

  • A dub of the second season would be great. It definitely left me wanting more.

  • I really want to see this, but the fact that we still haven't and probably never will see the second season licensed makes me sad. We need more space trains.

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