"Play next video" box won't go away after I've watched episode

  • If i've watched an episode of something once, I can't rewatch it. The "play next video" box that usually appears once an episode has finished will instead appear at the beginning of each episode and won't go away. It's just stuck there.

    For example:

    I watch all episodes of Heroic Episode of Arslan no problem
    I go to rewatch Episode 1
    The episode starts
    "Play next video?" for episode 2 appears over the top of the entire episode 1 video
    This happens for all videos and won't go away

    I have tried:

    I clear my browser cache and it doesn't help
    I close my browser and restart it and it doesn't help
    I switch to another browser and it doesn't help

    Obviously this issue is tied to Funimation's record of what I've watched. But I have no way of erasing that info, so I literally cannot watch anything more than once because this ridiculous box pops up every time and won't go away.

    I've never had this problem before with any streaming service, including free ones. This is so annoying. I want to watch Arslan forty million times. Please help me get rid of this ridiculous box.

  • I also have this problems as well. Currently trying to re-watch some episodes of Assassination Classroom but that damned box won't go away. Super frustrating.

  • I have the same problem. I want to re-watch an episode, but it keeps putting this annoying "play next video" box up and jumping me to the end of the one I want to watch. I appreciate a page being helpful, but there's a point where it's NOT HELPING.

  • Ok, I found the way to get that annoying box to go away.

    • Navigate to the episode you want to re-watch, that's showing the "Play Next Video" popup.
    • At the lower left corner of the playback screen, is a <| control. Hover it, and it says "Previous".
    • Click this control. It will reset the pointer on that episode file, and remove the "Play Next Video" box so it can be watched.

    This works for me. You might want to put it in the FAQ, or the user-interface help, since it isn't currently there, and it clearly confuses people. Thank you.

  • This issue was a bug and was resolved, so there is no need to add an entry to the FAQ, but thank you for posting the workaround.

    Now if you want to watch an episode again that has reached the "Play next video" box, the player will start over when you next to to that video player page.

    Also, you can clear your History. Go to Profile > Recently Watched. Click on the "Clear All" button. Click on the OK button in the modal that appears.

    Closing thread.

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