Does it get better?

  • I started (streaming) watching "Chaos; HEad" yesterday. I'm two episodes into it and I'm completely clueless. Will it get better with more action, drama, and character depth? Does it come together with a nice ribbon and wrapper at some point? I realize that the first few episodes need to introduce the characters and the plot, but so far I'm not sure that I like this story. Should I stick with it?

  • Eh. Very minor spoilers below

    It's not nearly as deep as Steins;Gate (or Robotics;Notes) if that's what you're wondering. Definitely the weakest of the three. The twist is somewhat interesting but there isn't really much action or drama, and only the main character gets some character development near the end, as far as I remember

    Best ED song ever though, so it's got that going for it

  • No. Chaos;HEAd is terrible.

    Skip directly to Steins;Gate and don't look back. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

  • Actually, I think that I will thank you both right now! THANKS!

  • Chaos;head does "come together" in a sense but it doesn't "achieve gestalt", it doesn't really "gel". Which is a shame as it definitely had potential and it had a damn fine dub (despite some shakiness from Clarine Harp); it might have the best roles Mignogna (way better than Level E), Haberkorn and Savage have had in the past few years.

    Chaos;head had 2 core ideas that where in conflict and were redundant, and it was worse for it. At first they tell you that they have the power to alter what people see/feel, that they could make someone out in an open field be unable to move as they could make him think that he's trapped in a box. They took this so far that they got to The Matrix levels where they could, potentially, kill someone by making them think that they had died, like what happened to Mouse in The Matrix.

    Then they tell us that they can create anything that they can imagine by pulling matter out of the "negaverse" and forming it into stuff with their minds. They try to combine both of these ideas, saying that one requires the other to work (which of course makes no sense), but they bungled it badly.

    If they had just picked one of these ideas and stuck with it, it would have been a much better show. Also, the show spends a lot of time building a world only to run out of time to come to an ending and really rushes it. It really felt like a show that thought it would be 2 seasons long but then got word at the last second that it would not be and had to "slam on the brakes".

    Steins;Gate turned out better than Chaos;head but that's not saying all that much as Chaos;head shot itself in the foot…
    If you go into Steins;gate with the expectation that the plot is extremely derivative (ie:John Titor was a "real" thing on the internet that this show just ripped off), their depiction of computing is BS to almost Hollywood levels and all of the females in the show are just shallow stereotypes with the depth of a cardboard cutout then I'd wager that you'd enjoy it. I went in to it not expecting these things and, while I did enjoy it, had I known of its limitations going in I would have enjoyed it more.

  • Personally I disagree I believe all of the ideas and minor plots compliment the characters and if the series was continued and built upon what it has presented it could be a great series. Despite some of the confusing thoughts I found myself still caring for the characters in the end, and in he final scene you see the entire story tie itself together, personally making me glad I watched it.

  • I'm three episodes in and loving it. Stick with it.

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