DxD censored

  • I subscribed today to start watching the third season of Highschool dxd and at least for me its censored. Is it censored for everyone? Is there a option to taken the censoring off? Sorry for asking, I've never used Funimation before

  • Unfortunately yes, the simulcast is censored, just like it was originally for the first two seasons of DxD. FUNimation only has access to the censored TV broadcast materials for now, and won't get the uncensored masters until closer to the physical home video release.

    It's not really FUNimation's fault, in case you were wondering. They can only use what the Japanese production studios allow them to have.

  • It will be censored until the DVD/BD are released.

  • Oh ok :I thank you

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Unfortunately yes, the simulcast is censored

    hey is that for every simulcast ? censoring wise?

  • Pretty much, yeah. Same thing happened with Tokyo Ghoul in which large areas of the screen were almost completely blacked out to cover up all the gore on the screen. Lots of people complained about that too, but again, FUNimation has nothing to do with it. :hmm:

  • At least the quality is really close to BD Home release :)

  • @alagor:

    hey is that for every simulcast ? censoring wise?

    If there is something to be censored, generally, yes.

    With rare exceptions, simulcasts at Funimation, Crunchyroll, Daisuki, etc. are the "broadcast" versions. (One of the rare exceptions was when CR got the same uncensored version of Akame ga Kill that was streamed online in Japan, rather than the censored broadcast version).

    If you see uncensored fansubs of a simulcast, you can bet good money they are based on rips from AT-X (which is a premium satellite channel, not a broadcast TV station). You can always tell when AT-X either doesn't have a show or also was unable to get an uncensored version, as even fansubs won't be uncensored until the discs begin to be released in Japan.

  • Thank you all for this. I was racking my brain trying to figure out if there was some filter that I needed to turn off. I wish Scott Freeman hadn't retired he was a damn good Issei and Josh Grelle's voice falters a bit when trying to mimic it.

  • Thats not all true funimation bought the rights to it so they can air it uncut if they wanted to. but if you want to watch uncut you then have to [redacted]

    EDIT: Please do not tell the other users of this forum where to find illegal fansubs. -SH

  • @zemogone:

    Thats not all true funimation bought the rights to it so they can air it uncut if they wanted to.

    No they can't, at least not for the time being. AT-X temporarily has exclusive rights to the uncensored footage, and FUNi won't be able to get them until closer to the home video release.

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