Petition to have Issei's voice actor changed back to Scott

  • Josh grelle is not the Issei we know and love, don't get me wrong hes a good VA but he's not Issei, this is a petition to get Scott back as Issei for the DVD/BD release later this year

  • While I understand where your coming from I highly doubt their doing to redo Issei's and Akeno's dubs for release. At that time it would be a waste of money and time. And besides like the producer said at the press release "life just gets in the way". For all we know Scott and Teri were in some sort of accident or have their own plans.

  • Ah yes. Anime Petitions. LITERALLY. ALWAYS. FAIL.

    There's so many freaking petitions I've seen over the past year and a half. None of them ever work at all. Remember that petition to remove Vic Mignogna from playing Rin? Wasn't that dumb and ineffective?

    Look frustrated or not the decision itself wasn't something they seemed to make easily. They were most likely very busy and just unable to take up the position. Like it or not it happened. And it sucks but life goes on.

  • Please do NOT post links to petitions on the forums. They are completely ineffective and against the website's term of service.

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