1994 VHS Uncut Fist of the North Star Anime Movie catalog code 1000311 (not 90263)

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    Hello everyone. This topic is about people and anime fans who had seen the uncut and un-blurred version in limited theater showings released by Streamline or on rare rental old-school VHS tapes. The uncut version of the film has yet to surface on the web for those who want to see it, un-blurred and uncensored! In Japan, March, 1986, Fist of the North Star Anime Movie, produced by Toei Animation, released first week in theaters uncut and un-blurred with scenes so brutal that the Japanese PTA got upset over it, they forced Toei to censor the harder gore scenes with color ghosting. The film was censored even more on video with analogue filter. All video released on DVD and VHS in Japan, France, Korea, and almost the rest of the world are censored. However, there are some countries like U.S and Italy that have some VHS releases uncut and uncensored. The hard-to-find rental VHS re-release copies in 1994 with different bar coding 1000311 in U.S have the original uncut and un-blurred version sourced from Streamline's original 35mm print, other VHS releases (older and other reprints with the bar code 90263) are censored with monochrome filter and color ghosting sourced from the red tint video master. The Italian VHS releases were semi-uncensored without video analogue filter, but still have color ghosting on some scenes. Recent releases on DVD in Japan, Italy, and U.S are still censored. So far, other versions excluding the Italian VHS versions have monochrome filter scenes (such as Shin scarring Kenshiro's chest and headless thug's blood splattering Bart's face, including the scene cut where the big thug, named Galf, crushes the annoying chanter's head with his hand), the rest of even more harder gore scenes (such as the close-up footage of head explosions, Zeed's death, Heart's stomach exploding, and Rei slicing the enemies face) are blurred with color ghosting. The theatrical trailer shown the uncensored scene of Rei slicing one of the enemies' face. The complete uncensored version may not be seen today, but there may be hope someday, that someone will show all the uncensored footage in the future.

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