Freezing season 3

  • I saw on a yahoo answers thread there is going to be a third season that is a prequel to seasons 1 & 2. Apparently it will be called freezing zero. Anyone know if there is any merit to this rumor?

  • its a spin off manga chronicling the back stories of many Pandoras prior to them attending Genetics , not an anime

  • It would be great as an anime tho…

  • Why would they make a prequel and not continue from where it left off?

  • @eddie.bejar95:

    Why would they make a prequel and not continue from where it left off?

    Because they wanted to. :hmm:

  • I do sincerely hope that this is a false trail. I read the "freezing zero" is a spin off prequel to freezing. People want to know more about Satilizer and Kazuya, the challenges ahead, their tense yet progressive relationship and much more. The manga volumes are enough now that a well orchestrated season 3 can be made. I recently saw the series and was instantly hooked. I saw season 1 and 2 back to back and then watched them both again. It's a great anime series and does a fine job keeping its audience entertained. I hope season 3 comes out very soon and that at begins where season 2 ended.

  • An even better name for season 3 would be Freezing: Absolute Zero. Fits perfectly with the freezing theme.

  • They need to continue this series!! I'm so upset they don't have a third season right now. I want to know what happens with Kazuya and Satella. I was sucked into this series the second I started watching it and I'd really hate for it to end at season 2. I could watch episodes upon episodes of this stuff. I want to figure out how to get a hold of the makers and beg them to continue. Take my money!

  • You should read the manga translations if you are hooked on the story.

  • Read the manga, in my opinion it's a lot better than the Anime, Seven Seas is publishing the manga in English, in 2 Chapter Omnibus Editions. They Just released the 3rd volume which covers up to Volume 6 of the Manga and it ends at around the 1st season of the Anime.

  • I do really loathe the lack of developing characters…thats the best part of shows. Seeing the growth and journey of the character is where its at :/ So few shows give that the effort and last long enough to do it.

    I was really hoping this would be one of them. Season 1 has amazing character development and session 2 did too but not in the same way :/

  • Hey so the official japanese website for freezing seems to be something else now. I Was just checking for any kind of possible hint on more freezing anime or something coming in the near future and now it redirects to and thus far I haven't been able to find freezing on the site anywhere… Not sure if they sold it off or what at this point.
    Looking at wayback machine; it appears only recently that the website was updated to redirect like it does now. As Recent as January 26, 2016 you can see the official freezing website was still available.

  • i really hope the continue the series. It's one of my favorite anime's and want it to continue. they really better continue. Actually the only reason why i subscribed to this site is to watch season 2 in English cuz Netflix doesnt have it.

  • I have this show in my queue, need to get around to watching it. I need to get around to watching a lot of shows >_<

  • it is never stated what Kazuya is. in the first season it is stated but never fully explained that Kazuya is like a Nova, Pandora, and Limiter all in one. I was hoping season 2 would go into more detail about how he does what he does but it didn't. I hope season 3 goes into more detail about his abilities. Plus I just want to see him man up and kickass.

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